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History of Stonyhurst College

Stonyhurst College was founded in 1593 in St Omers, France to teach the sons of English Catholics, who had been sent there because of Elizabeth I's penal laws. Eventually due to the hostility of the Parlement of Paris the college transferred to Bruges and then later on, with the suppression of the Jesuits, it moved to Liege. Finally, with the approach of the French revolutionary armies in 1794 it was forced to move again to its present location in Lancashire.

The influence that Stonyhurst College has had on the Church, the State, Science and Art can be seen mainly from its long list of alumni. For example, some of the earlier alumni from St Omers include their twenty two saints and martyrs and the infamous Titus Oates. In more modern times the school boasts as alumni Bishop Crispian Hollis of Portsmouth; Charles Waterton, the famous naturalist; Paul Johnson, writer and historian; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes; seven Victoria Cross holders and Charles Laughton. The school has also been very proud to have a number of their alumni in important positions within the CA Pilgrimage - including various Heads of Service.

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