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The Hospitalité Council

The Catholic Association Hospitalité exists for its members and it is hoped that each member will feel encouraged and enabled to participate in the organisation at whatever level he or she wishes. To ensure the smooth-running of the Hospitalité, its activities are overseen and animated by a Council of officers made up of its members.

The Council is responsible for upholding and promoting the aims of the Hospitalité and publicises the activities of the Catholic Association Pilgrimage to the wider community. The Council meets at least four times a year.

The Council is made up of the Patron, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain, the four Heads of Service, and the Leader of the Young Helper's Group, as follows:


Patron of the Hospitalité: Bishop Peter Doyle, Northampton
President: Chris Buller
Secretary: Dail Maudsley
Treasurer: Hugh Parry
Chief Brancardier: Matt Betts
Chief Handmaid: Anna Jackson
Chief Nurse: Theresa Mahon
Chief Medical Officer: Dr Nuala Mellows
Chaplain: Fr Antony Lester
Leader of the Young Helpers Group: David and Judy Ball
Young Helpers Representative: Lina Al-Araj


In addition there are three elected members, each elected for a three-year term, and a co-opted member.

Vicki Gale (until Feb 2016)
Simon Gallop (until Feb 2015)
Andy Joyce (until Feb 2014)
Chris Talbot (Co-opted)

Vacant and soon-to-be-vacant Council positions (those which are not appointed by the C.A. Trustees) are usually advertised in Lourdes and on the website. At this time members are invited to send nominations to the Secretary of the Hospitalité. The names of candidates (along with their photographs and biographies where appropriate) are then advertised in the Autumn newsletter (November), which will be accompanied by the appropriate number of voting slips for each household. The results shall then be announced at the AGM and in the subsequent newsletter (May). Further information, see: Notes on Elections (from 2007)

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