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Lourdes Pilgrimage 2017

Our next Pilgrimage takes place from 18 - 25 August 2017. Each year, the Catholic Association Hospitalité of Our Lady of Lourdes is responsible for coordinating the welcome and care of pilgrims, especially our assisted pilgrims, who come to Lourdes. You will require a PDF viewer to view most of these forms. To view the forms click on the link. To save the forms, right click on the link and choose Save As.

Assisted Pilgrims

If you would like to come on pilgrimage as an Assisted Pilgrim, please fill in the following form:

Brancardier and Handmaid

If you would like to volunteer as a brancardier (male non-medical helper) or as a handmaid (female non-medical helper), please fill in the form below. This form needs to be returned to Mrs Ciara Jackson, Chief Handmaid by 1 June 2017.


If you would like to volunteer as a nurse on our Pilgrimage, please fill in the form below. The nurses form need to be returned to the Chief Nurse by 1 June 2017.

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