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Welcome and thank you for your interest in coming on stage.

Though most of our members only experience Lourdes in the last week of August when the Catholic Association Pilgrimage is in town, the sanctuaries continue to function all year round thanks to the efforts of permanent paid staff and volunteers from around the world who give their time and energies for a few days each year. If you’ve been on pilgrimage with the CA, have you ever considered how Lourdes functions on such a large scale? Have you ever noticed the people at the Grotto wearing little badges with flags on? Have you ever wanted to extend your time in the amazing town of Lourdes? If so, read on!

Here is some basic information about stage, and how it works within the structures of Lourdes. This information about the stage’s history and mundane practicalities isn't designed to patronise, confuse or scare you! Stage is challenging, fun and rewarding; we hope you will consider joining us!

(Most of this section is based on a booklet written by Johan Bergström-Allen in 2002. These pages have been updated several times by Matt Betts since then, but particularly in 2005, 2007, and 2010 )

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