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The Catholic Association Website Mission Statement

The Catholic Association website (www.catholicassociation.co.uk) is owned and maintained by the Catholic Association and its Hospitalité. The website is a tool to further the aims and objectives of those societies, namely the promotion of pilgrimage to Lourdes, and the support of the societies’ members in their lives and commitments.

The website aims to be:

  • A source of up-to-date information (on Lourdes, its history, the Catholic Association and its pilgrimages, how to get to Lourdes, how to volunteer services, etc.)
  • A resource for communication (for those wanting to know more about Lourdes, to spread news and information among members, etc.)
  • A support for spiritual growth (by providing resources on prayer and the spirituality of Lourdes and its Gospel message)
  • An aid to building community (by fostering discussion and debate, and by being a forum in which people can share experience and expertise)

The website is managed by a Web team, and maintained by them in conjunction with a Webmaster appointed by the Hospitalité.

The website is a forum for diverse content and accepts material from a wide spectrum of views in the true ‘catholic’ sense of universality. However, the site is monitored and decisions regarding content are at the discretion of the Web team.

The website is primarily intended for members of the Catholic Association and its Hospitalité, but those groups hope that it will be of service to the ‘Lourdes family’ at large, and to be a resource for all those journeying to God.

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