The Board of Trustees 


The Catholic Association is a private company limited by guarantee not having share capital. It is also a registered charity holding number 1071120. Although the Catholic Association is formed as a limited company and the Directors are registered as such, the Directors refer to themselves as Trustees. 

The Trustees fulfil the usual role of Trustees, which is to guard the funds. They make charitable grants in response to requests received and give such subsidies as they see fit. They agree fares with the travel agent, whom they also appoint. The CA’s current travel agency is Tangney Tours, based in Kent. The fares charged by Tangneys on behalf of the CA include a levy to contribute to the expenses of the pilgrimage and to assist the Diocesan & Group Directors in its promotion. Part of the levy pays for the production of the pilgrimage prayer books and badges. The remainder is split between the Diocesan group to whom the pilgrim belongs (for the future promotion of the pilgrimage in that diocese), and the Catholic Association itself, for the continuation of its work. The levy – currently £30 – is included in the price of all those who book their pilgrimage through the appointed travel agent, although members of the Young Helpers Group only pay £5. Those who arrive in Lourdes independently (without booking travel and accommodation with Tangney Tours) are asked to pay the full levy direct to the Catholic Association Treasurer.